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Accredited Capital Safety DBI SALA Installer
Roof Fall Arrest Protection Safety Overhead Cranes Horizontal Lifelines
DBI Sayfglida 12mm 1/2" Engineered Horizontal Lifelines Manhole Collars Davit Arms
Eye Wash Stations  Puncture Cut Resistant Gloves
30 to 50 lb Elastic Web Tool Lanyards Intro Prices Safety Lanyard For Tools 4 Page
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Tuff Steps Images On Job Sites Tuff Steps 4 Page Flyer
Currie Upgrades January 2009 site photos 012.jpg (1955682 bytes) Currie Upgrades January 2009 site photos 013.jpg (1680806 bytes) Currie Upgrades January 2009 site photos 015.jpg (1938339 bytes) P5040043.jpg (1073787 bytes) P5040045.jpg (1100400 bytes) P5040046.jpg (1092565 bytes) P5130034.jpg (1114829 bytes) PVNGS 80-Acre 1377.jpg (1093868 bytes) PVNGS 80-Acre 1384.jpg (964334 bytes) PVNGS 80-Acre 1386.jpg (126428 bytes) PVNGS 80-Acre 1387.jpg (142409 bytes) Tuff Steps Job Site Sectional Stair Cases  Potential Uses

-        municipalities

-        emergency preparedness & response

-        water and waste water

-        bridge construction

-        river bank access

-        earth or concrete berms  

-        contractors

-        dams

-        any inclined slope up to 55 incline where secure anchorage is available

-        Trenching stairs

-        Pipeline Stairs

-        Bridge Repair Stairs  






Flexible Horizontal Cable Lifelines for fall protection - Fall Arrest - Fall Prevention,

Horizontal rails, Monorails, Horizontal Lifeline Installations, Horizontal Lifeline Inspections,


Wire Rope Ladders

Wire Rope Ladder For Industrial, Construction, Marine Boarding, Military or Tactical law Enforcement


For A Complete Line Of Personnel Protective Safety Equipment: Fall Arrest, Fall Protection, Confined Spaces, Horizontal Lifelines, General PPE, High Voltage tools - Rescue Equipment,



Fall Arrest Roof Anchors, Window Washers Roof Anchors, Forged Eye - U-Bolt Roof Anchors, Roof Anchors Inspections, Roof Anchors Load Testing, Anchor Bolt Load Tests, Rebar Load Pull Testing


Occupational Health and Safety Act R.R.O. 1990, REGULATION 859 WINDOW CLEANING  

First aid, CPR, Bio Hazard Awareness, Respiratory Fit Testing, PPE,..... 

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